Friday, August 22, 2014

I live in American again

About a month ago, I got on a plane to head back to the states from my outstanding year in Australia.
My last week in Australia was without a doubt one of the most bittersweet things I've ever gone through; not only did I discover a lot about life and a lot about myself but I also found the best place I've ever been. This place consists of people who constantly lift me up when I'm down, encouraging me, see more in me than I see in myself and people who made me dig deep in my beliefs to become stronger in my faith. Some of these people are my life long friends, some of these people were my mentors, and some were my teachers..but no matter who they were my life was forever changed thanks to them. I'm a firm believer that it's not necessarily all about where you're at but the people you spend it with. I experienced that concept just last week when a lot of my college friends all had a reunion in North still felt as though I was in Australia. My last week was spent absorbing heaps of time with my friends and adopted families, and topping off all the memories made within the past year. After being away for a year and coming back, you start catching up with old friends and family or bumping into people while out to a casual dinner. Most likely the first few questions and conversation starters are along the lines of, " was Australia? What was it like? Did you hang out with kangaroo's and koala's? What was the best part? So what's your plans now?" And despite the amount of times I hear these questions I still love when people ask me because I love talking about my year away.

My last six months at Hillsong was filled with so many opportunities that I could've only dreamed of. I have never felt like I belong so well like I did there and I felt like God confirmed a lot within my heart and confirmed a lot with my dreams and desires. Although when people ask me, so what's next? I wish I could respond with a set and solid plan but that's not necessarily the case. All I am 100% sure of is God has given me a gift to work with children and I love working in children's ministry. My heart was so full after a Sunday when I would preach and serve all day with the kids I developed such strong relationships with, along with their families who pretty much adopted me. God provided me with families while I was away from mine...I like the way that guy works. Moving back wasn't really the easiest nor was it easy to keep a positive mind set, but God reminded me that I can't approach the new and change with a closed heart. An open heart is key with change and over planning our lives ruins the enchanting feeling of when God moves in your life. I've also came to the conclusion that I'm a worry wart...but as said by Socrates,"Worry is a misuse of the imagination." Big cities are on my heart and so is children's ministry. No matter where God decides to take me next, I know every season is preparation for the next. So in this time I'm nannying to save up money and then onto my next adventure...wherever that may be. I love the mysterious characteristic about God, because it makes life quite unpredictable, shocking and thrilling all at the same time.

My last week in Aussie...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Year Down

Every year I always say I had the best birthday yet...but this year I truly mean it. Living in Australia means two birthdays...since it wouldn't be my birthday in America until the next day my time, but I was okay with that! Who would complain about two birthdays? My birthday was celebrated the day before at the cutest restaurant which has little bakery's and shops throughout it...I fell in love. I went with some of my very best friends and had the most relaxing day. Eighteen was good to me, and the most adventurous, exciting and fun filled year yet.





My day was concluded with a taco dinner with all of my closest friends. I love when you hang out with your close friends and it doesn't take much to keep us all entertained, those are the best times to me. I love all my friends and family plus all the birthday wishes. Cheers to another year!

I got all these pictures from the amazing Hannah Grantham, Check out her post from the day || Hannahmade ||